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Both of you and Chris’ efforts have produced awesome products that we can use with peace of mind, knowing that there are no hidden dangers as in most other products. Believe me, we have tried many different shampoos, most from respected companies such as Dr. Bronners, but they ALL left a lot to be desired, from feeling gummy, heavy or just plain yuk! From day one, talking with you Donna, I knew we had a winner!
Bev A., Boca Raton, FL

I have been using NaturOli’s wonderful shampoo for months now and will never go back to the harsh products I was using before.
Bobbi P., San Carlos, CA

I use NaturOli hair shampoo for myself, and all I have to say: where have you been all my life?
Margaret S., Loyal Customer

Add me to your testimonials!! I've been using 18X for several years now and love it, but recently noticed I was low and placed an order for more. It arrived in 5 days! Such great service to go with a great product!
Tina H., Paul Smiths, NY

After switching to your shampoo, my hair doesn't get as knotty, tangled or dry as it used to and my hair just looks much better. As a result, the amount of wash-out and leave-in conditioner I use has dropped substantially as it's no longer necessary. Also, my hair color now lasts about 9 weeks.
Amazon Customer

I really enjoy your shampoo. I've done hours of research trying to find a safe, effective product that still left my hair feeling clean. This one is a winner.
Amazon Customer

I'm a man with normal medium-length hair and I wash my hair and beard every day. I've been using this product for two months. I have nothing but compliments for this shampoo. I'm usually a "rinse maniac" and I spend a long time scrubbing under running water to make sure I got rid of all the soap. With this shampoo however I don't feel that I'm covered with a film of soap/chemical residue afterwards: everything just goes away with the water. And it's probably not just a feeling, since the spots I used to have on my shoulders have completely disappeared. Finally, a nice side effect: I've received praise on how soft my beard is since I started using this shampoo. What more could a man ask for?
G.S., Amazon Customer

OH MY STARS! IT WORKS! None of the laundry detergents (BioKleen, Tide, All, Arm&Hammer, Purex, Cheer) ever cleaned perfectly - but they did leave chemical residue and chemical fragrances. Iyou’re your soapnuts Extreme 18X to clean diapers (with water-only prewash), and it cleans just as well as Tide or other big brands but without chemical residues or chemical fragrances. Interestingly, I noticed that sweaty synthetic sports/athletic clothes do not harbor as much of an odor after using soapnuts Extreme. I have searched and experimented (baking soda and vinegar as well as other detergents) in vain to remove sweat odor from sports clothes, and I never imagined that soapnuts Extreme would reduce foul odor without adding chemical fragrances to mask it. I will buy this FOREVER. I can never go back to regular detergents. This concentrated liquid soapnuts is THE BEST!!
Amazon Customer

Your bottle of Extreme 18X Laundry Soap is extremely small due to the concentration of 18x. Easy to carry if you're using an apartment/dorm/Laundromat a distance away. No need to do any measuring, 1 squirt for an HE load, 2 for a standard load. No mess. Really convenient.
Matthew P, Amazon Customer

I am constantly looking for the "perfect" products for my very sensitive skin. I am very pleased with this face wash and plan on staying with it. I've been using it for about 6 weeks now, and my skin is loving it. The price is wonderful for the size bottle that you get, and I love the all natural ingredients.
Eliza, Amazon Customer

I have very dry and old skin (62). Your face wash really works! This winter is the first winter I haven't had itchy and cracking skin! What a relief and I also don't feel slippery either!!! Something husbands are happy about :).
Ursula C., Amazon Customer

I have tried all sorts of expensive store/ spa/dermatology products but nothing really gave me 100% satisfaction. In order to really feel clean, I would have to use min of 2 products to feel "clean" and then use other product to prevent break outs and reduce pore size. After using your face wash, not only do I not have to use an astringent afterwards, but my pores are smaller and my facial skin is the smoothest and softest it has been ...ever?!
Jennifer, Amazon Customer

If you want organic and natural.......NaturOli New Radiance Facial Creme - 4.0 oz. A genuine 100% all natural botanical facial cream. Very nourishing. Extremely popular. Highly Effective!........They are a good line of products!~
Donna, Amazon Customer

I'm reordering your Alta Dish Soap for the fourth time. The overall savings I get from not having to see a dermatologist/other doctors for Rx medications, OTC products. tons of lotions, etc, for contact dermatitis, migraines, feeling fatigued and generally lousy due to chemicals in my home is AMAZING. No synthetic dyes, perfumes, detergents, anti-microbial agents (that make us and our planet sicker). Just good old-fashioned, natural clean.
Maggie C., Amazon Customer

Your Alta Dish Soap is amazing. It is truly natural, as the ingredient list is listed above, and it really does a good job of cleaning dishes, and not drying out your hands!
Jonathan B., Amazon Customer

I’ve been using your body wash for a few years and during the winter, while using something else, I had some dry patches (looked like psoriasis) on my outer thighs about the size of my palm. I immediately got back to my Naturoli Body Wash and within a few days they were gone. My doctor had wanted me to go on meds for this. Good thing I just used my Naturoli. The natural botanical scent is very nice. It smells clean and fresh. This is really a quality line of products.
Z., Amazon Customer

I will concur with others that this is an amazing body wash, and am returning to order another bottle. Me and my wife feel that the scent is amazing: OLIVANDER Scent (Mandarin Orange Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender and Chamomile) - how could that be a bad combination?
Jonathan B., Amazon Customer

I read an embarrassingly high number of reviews for various wool dryer balls before ordering these. Several brands seemed similar in quality, so eventually it came down to price and these were the winner. No regrets or disappointments! This set is an excellent value, especially compared to the competition.
Niki, Amazon Customer

I bought your dryer balls hoping they would reduce dryer time and they do. I usually run our sheets through the dryer on 2 full cycles, now I only need to run it through about half of the 2nd cycle. The biggest difference I notice is in reducing wrinkles and making the laundry softer. My husband was skeptical but he noticed a difference as well. I would definitely recommend these for a natural way to soften laundry and prevent wrinkles.
Amazon Customer

Oh am I getting great return on my investment with this bottle of Massage Oil ...after a massage session to my wife the reward is heaven-like...won't say more...just buy the damn thing! Yes I will definitely buy this again, probably in packs of two :)
LD, Amazon Customer

Your massage oil is great! I used it on my girlfriend and she loved it. You don't need to heat this oil. It comes out of the bottle slightly warm to the touch. It is not oily or greasy at all. Be sure to light a couple of candles and turn the lights down. This stuff is not just for the back if you know what I mean...
Mark S., Amazon Customer

This is a fantastic massage oil, perfect for couples interested in adding massage to their intimacy. My wife and I have tried a number of competitors, from cheap brands to brands like Kama Sutra and the Good Vibrations' "Touch Me/Please Me" line. NaturOli is by far the best, and absolutely worth the price.
James E., Amazon Customer

Your Soft & Soothing Body Lotion is an incredible product. I purchased it because it is all natural, and will continue to purchase it because of how incredibly effective it is. The lotion moisturizes and heals my dry/damaged skin like nothing else has. Further, it does not have a weird scent. This one is a winner.
Tony, Amazon Customer

My wife loves your Soft & Soothing Body Lotion and all the other products made by NaturOli, you can really see the results literally with each passing day it is used.
Amazon Customer

I got your foot creme for my sister who is a massage therapist and reflexologist. She's used it on several clients with the worst calluses and heel cracking she has ever seen and every single person she used it on was impressed with how wonderful their feet felt and looked after just one use. They have all asked her to use it regularly on their feet.
L. Sacks, Amazon Customer

I love your foot creme! Within seconds - literally - my feet melt into soft cool younger feet. I was skeptical when I saw the bottle and pumped out my first bit to try - and the lavender and rosemary essence is strong - but within one minute I was beyond pleased.
Amazon Customer

I've tried several foot creams, and they are all very greasy. This one is not greasy at all, and it makes my callused and itchy heels feel soft and smooth. You only need a small amount each time.
Shelly, Amazon Customer

I'm 58 years old and my eye area tends to be the worst part of my face that gets dry, which results in crepe like wrinkles (oh the joy of aging) but NaturOli Restorative Skin Repair creme appears to be doing a great job of keeping that area hydrated. No need to spend extra on expensive eye creams...
M.L., Amazon Customer

My skin is extremely dry due to several different reasons: age, climate and medications I have to take. I was looking for a soothing creme to help with these problems, and decided to try your Restorative Skin Repair Creme. It did the trick. My skin is smoother, softer, and less of a problem than it has been. For anyone with problem skin like mine, I recommend it highly. The more I use it, the better my skin becomes. Thank you for this remedy!
K. H., Amazon Customer

This is some great Hand Wash here... It smells great, and does not dry out my hands! I have needed extreme hand lotion in the past for blatantly dry "Backs of my Hands", and moving away from harmful hand washes, and using this, as there is no need for moisturizer anymore!
J.B., Amazon Customer

Your Soap Nut Soap Bar is the best thing I have ever used on my sensitive skin. It is absolutely mild and natural, I loved it.
E., Amazon Customer